Friday, January 16, 2009

sorry i have been away

I have been in freezing Iowa yes -45 below my car wont start. School has only been in for only 2 days this week. It has been a mess with the kids at home, don't get me wrong l love them but l don't get anything done , clean up one room then they are making a mess in the other. l can't believe l am copping with the car not working , l think it is because l have not had to use the car much so l have relied on hubby's car. p.s. thank you to my bf for helping me on Tuesday . The library has been in the news this week a bit courier newspaper and Des Moines reg and i hate to say it but i was on channel 9 . My hubby is home today he has hurt his arm . I am trying to get to work today . Then Emily and l are going to our 1sT Daisy's cookie rally cant wait (if you need some just call me).
look out for todays budget run down where we are at.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Food Budget $2600

had to run in and get some Alfredo sauce .

Sauce $2.19 (not buying from there again)
Potatoes still $1.99 for 5lbs
Onions still 99c for a bag

TOTAL = $5.17

Coupons = None
OOP = $5.17
Left for the year = $2582.80
Total saved for the year = 0

The Winner Is .........

Cathie you are the winner for the blue ikea bag you have 24 hours to email me with your address.....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Food Budget Jan 3rd 09

ok so we had to get some bits of food today to keep as going until 11th.

Potatoes 2 x 5lb bags @$1.99 ea = $3.98

Onions bag 99c

Milk $3.09

Ground Beef 2lbs $3.98

Total = $12.04

coupons = none

OOP =$12.04

Left for the year = $2587.97

Total saved for the year = 0

A Mother's Promise

You know your late for school "HURRY UP GET IN NOW" "just sit down ""we will be late" i think in my head we are only going 4 blocks what is going to happen in my small town of 650. so why put the belts on.

Well it can happen as i just read on bargin briana blog. She told me about A Mothers Promise on facebook you just go and make a promise on the wall saying that you will aways put your kids in the right seat the right way. This would make a great new year promise.

(oh and to all those mums and dads reading this who always buckle your kids in all the time you are lieing.)

So what r u waiting for, go and do it.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Food Budget $2600 for the year

I am going to try real hard at keeping the food budget to this. I will be making a lot of home made stuff and cutting down on the meat. this will work if i collet coupons and write out my menu before i go shopping, I am going to be doing 2 weeks at a time. So far i will be trying to use what i have stored and i will be starting on Jan 8th 2009. Every sunday i will post what i am going to buy for the 2 weeks and the menu to. so far i have not spent anything.
This works out $50 a week so on the monday i will take out $100 in cash for the 2 weeks. put in it in my food envolope and with coupons and list in my hand off i will go.
This takes time and hard work to plan out so i will do this when the kids are a sleep. I will send you a 2 week blank menu plan if you need one.

I love this SmartShopper

I have been looking at this for a long time. it saves times. the cost is $99 but you can go here and get a code for $25 off so i think i am going to get one. You can also go here to try and win one.

thank you to JANE4girls $800 Annal Budget 4 a family of 4

Free 16x20 Poster today only

Kodak Gallery
Get your free poster here it will cost just $4.99 shipping. make a great gift for a brithday i have done this for my sis.(sorry if you see this)

go here and it will be free when you go to check out today only one per family.

Offer expires 1/2/2009. One offer redemption per customer. Offer will be displayed as a credit for a Free 16x20 Print only. Credit will be applied upon checkout. Offer does not include shipping and tax. Does not apply to Same-Day Pickup Service, Gift Certificates, Photostamps, KODAK PhotoShow DVD, KODAK Cameras and other KODAK products or services sold through, subscription fees for the Kodak Gallery Premier and Mobile services, or products for mobile phones. Cannot be combined with other offers. No substitutions, transfer rights or cash equivalents will be given. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue promotions at any time. Coupon code or discount valid only:

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Its going to be a good year i know it, I feel it in my bones. I am not going to make a new years promise cause i never can keep them. so i will make little goals so i keep them.

Happy for my family

And my friends

People who helped my town in 2008

Pennies they all add up in the end


New laptop that i got

Every body I know






Look out for whats to come in the year

cooking on the CHEAP

Shopping on the Cheap

Keeping your house clean and having time for the family

fun, free and fugal times

and lots more

starting Monday 5th Jan 2009

and to kick of the the New Year i am giving away one of my fave things all you have to do is check out my blog and leave a commit by Mon 5th 2009 @11pm

and you will win a small blue ikea bag.

Swag Bucks

I told you all about swag buck awhile ago. well it works in stend of google use swag bucks seach and most off the time you will get a swag buck. i started about mid nov 2008 and got 57 swag bucks by mid dec 2008. so to see if it works i tried it. when you go and bid on a prize you use your SB so i picked a Starbucks $5 gift card. went to the mail box and there it was in 5 days.

so if you would like ago click on the link at the bottom of the page good luck.