Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Charlie why do u act like a 40 year old, when u are only 3.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday good job day.

We have a lot of people in our community do a realy good thing around town. Pics to come later when done. So the kids and I thought it would be a good thing if we took a thank you note and some cookies today for them.
We are also doing some sorting out for some eles. Without them  knowing. Its fun doing nice stuff for people.

Summer still week one.

All  monkeys slept down stairs last night.

Emily daddy and I a lovly letter. (dear mum & dad, I love you to the sun and back , love Emily.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Fun.

We went to a park in Cedar Falls today and went for walk along the cedar. Had a picnic. Ice cream  on the way home. Then paddling pool time, water guns and chalk. Rest time for me. Then we wrote our letter to all six cousin here in the USA and across the pond in Scotland. Also went to the post office and mailed them. It was very windy here in Iowa today so we dicided that water ballons wouldnt work.
On our way home from the post offiee I trapped Emilys finger in the window dont know how it happed as the her door was open so I thought it would be safe to close it. Not sure if its broken, so we will sleep on it and check tomorrow.

Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs for breakfast in their home made egg cups from Nana & grandad Chris at Easter.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

James 1st Night of Summer

He lasted till 9:35 pm , and begged me to let him sleep down stairs. So I guessed he won.

Schools out

Its 1:30 and schools just got out for summer Emily is 9 and moving on to 4th grd, James is 6 and moving on to 1st, Charlie is 3 and will be going to Pre School when they head back in 12 weeks. In 12 weeks I will be checking into the sic ward. I have lots planned this summer. I had to work today but i left a nice surprize for when they got home from school i Left a sign saying " SUMMER'S HERE" and a tote filled with water guns , water ballons, new chalk a little paddling pool and bubbles. Daddy said they where very happy and went and got into there swim suits right away. Pic here ( didnt take one ) My plan is to put new stuff in the tote every week. Follow me here if you like to see what eles is going on this Summer if you like. Plans for tomorrow Sleep in. and this - Write a letter to cousins all 6 of them. - Water balloon fight. - new park (trying to hit 12 new ones)