Saturday, March 28, 2009


l love spring everything about it to the smells, green grass , buds on trees , freash eggs , sending the kids out after school to play, walking to school and work and spring cleaning. This is really the only time i keep it up. Who knows me well knows i am just not put on this plant to clean I wish I could do it relly I do but all that time clean.

What about the kids you ask well.

Emily - is 5 and just one month off from being 6. 6 wow I have been a mum for six years. I just cant belive that. She is turning in to a lovly young lady she loves school and her teacher Mrs . Bass she started to read at christmas and now cant stop every time i see her she has a book or pen and paper in her hand. She loves helping out with her younger brother Charlie so I know she will make a great mum to. Every one who see's her says she looks like her auntie Julie (dad's side) i can see that but omg she looks like my little sis Katie and sleeps like her acts like her and thats where she get her love for art from.
NTE: i love you very much

James - is 3 and will be 4 in july he gose to pre shool and his teacher is mrs . Simons james love to dance any beat he hears he is moving and he is good little mover loves playing with hes cars and tractors. when he say good bye he adds honey to the end even to the boys he has a grilfriend who is married with 2 kids and is 37 wonder if he will marry her one day. he love to his sis, called her hiho for a long time but one day just started calling her Emily not sure who he looks like yet but still sucks his trumb like his uncle James.
NTJ: keep on dancing you make me smile .

Charlie - is 5 1/2 months old is rolling over and just started to crawl still no teeth no hair no sleeping all night (what are you doing to me Charlie)he looks a lot like his dad and emily.dont know what colour your hair will be yet.
NTC: get some teeth soon please

i cant wait to see what this spring brings our family.

( Auntie Katie and Uncle Paul and soccer for Emily and my house all clean for a day )

life is good in the Ballhagens house hold

Friday, March 20, 2009