Friday, January 16, 2009

sorry i have been away

I have been in freezing Iowa yes -45 below my car wont start. School has only been in for only 2 days this week. It has been a mess with the kids at home, don't get me wrong l love them but l don't get anything done , clean up one room then they are making a mess in the other. l can't believe l am copping with the car not working , l think it is because l have not had to use the car much so l have relied on hubby's car. p.s. thank you to my bf for helping me on Tuesday . The library has been in the news this week a bit courier newspaper and Des Moines reg and i hate to say it but i was on channel 9 . My hubby is home today he has hurt his arm . I am trying to get to work today . Then Emily and l are going to our 1sT Daisy's cookie rally cant wait (if you need some just call me).
look out for todays budget run down where we are at.

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