Saturday, January 30, 2010


 Found the Camera today cleaned out car. I can't find my camera and its driving me up the wall I know it's in my car, but if you know me you will know there is no way in the months of winter that I will find it. The car is always a problem it always has so much in it papers from school (as I always leave it till the morning before school to empty their bags as I fill its bad if there go to school the next day with the stuff the teacher gave them the day before) and any way that is way too much paper. Have they never head of note books. McaDs we eat way too much of it "we will never eat in here, never do u hear me never eat in this car" what was I thinking I have 3 kids and no time. Mail and clothes and so much. I will find you camera and when I do look out as you are going too tired.

This is not my car thankyou for letting me use this

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Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

We were all driving together in the van this weekend and Ben slammed on the breaks and all the crap came to the front. Ridiculous. We then drove to the carwash and emptied a gross amount of garbage...Valentines, candy wrappers, Happy Meal stuff.

I feel your pain. But it's too hard to keep clean in this freezing winter! :)