Thursday, December 31, 2009

Count down to 2010

What i have done in the last 10 years
  1. 2000 - Spent Dec 31st 1999 in New York, USA seeing the miluimin in with a very good freind "funny this was my 1st time in the USA".
  2. 2001 - I left England in dec 2000 for the world and thanks to another very good friend i landed in Egypt saw the new year in China , then went onto Hong kong from there we went to Tailland then to the very green Bail, then finsed in Austrail  we came home early as we run out of cash so we never did get to the USA. Got a spring job in a hotel in my home town with tounge piced & dredlocks and a very dark tan but somthing was up i had the bug the travling one i was 22 then i didnt know what to do so i was talking to a kid (17 year old) one sunday morning and i told him  how i felt and that we didnt get to all of the USA and he said "y dont u try and work in a summer camp " i had no idea what he was going on about so in my break that day i went and goggled it. i found  a thing called YMCA look at some of the jobs vac they where looking for and found one for a cook thinking to my self "i could do that " so i was running out of time so i quikly filled out the app and went back to work that sunday. i told my mum what i had done and said i would fill some more out that week and see what happens. i was at work the tueday that week and my BIL called me and said "they called " i said "who "the camp people they want todo a phone interviwe with you " i could belive it turns out there where in need a big need befor i knew it 2 weeks later i was at gatwick waiting for my filght to Boston , MA I didnt have a clue what i was doing beside that all i knew was that i was getting picked up at the other end.      roled my sleves up and got in to the job yes i had my up and down wanted to go home lots of times but i found love that year cut a long story short it tock me 9 weeks to even get him to notice me i will tell u about him later .  i finned camp and went to Canada with a camp friend then my visa hadded run out yet so i went and stayed with that love for a bit in Boston. then Sept 9/11 came and rocked alot of people live so i cut my stay in the Boston , MA a little short and went back to england on the day they went to war. 
  3. 2002 - i was missing that one love of mine so i decide to go back in Feb and stayed with him for 90 days that all i am aloud. in that time we came to place called New Hartford , Iowa thats where he is from my love then got hired back at the camp for the summer we talked all summer lon long about what we will do next so we dicded to move back to his home town in to his grandmas house we came to some great news when we moved back to NH, IOWA that we where going to have a baby . my visa run out again so back i went to England we spent alot of money on the phone calls .
  4. 2003 - Emily came  on 3rd May 5:25pm on a sat  and Shane arrived the next morning it was his 1st time to england . Emily and i traveld eastbourne to iowa 3 times that year   and had our 1st christmas together as a family in iowa we didced it would be a good time to get married and stop all this flying as it cost so much moeny so the date was picked and paper work sorted and signed .
  5. 2004 - Emily and i spent along time with out Shane that year he missed a lot he came for her 1st bday with his mom, sister and oldest nice. the all we had to do was wait for July 31st . we where married what a great day. Red sox won that year to they haddnt won since 1918 that thansgiving we found out we where having our 2nd baby.
  6. 2005 - james came a long july 27th 8:00pm that year we went back to england for christmas .
  7. 2006 - not much happend this year i got  a new job at the town public library
  8. 2007- we went to Florida/ dinsy world  for spring break with the ballhagen family loads of fun cant wait to go back one day shane got a new job at John Deers Alieen and Daren from Aussie came and spent some time with us this year
  9. 2008 - found out baby No. 3 was coming . we had a very bad year  on sunday  May 25th we had a torndo hit our town it was the biggest in the usa ef5 2 people lost there life in new hartford then 2 weeks later june 8th ant the same time the town had a flood the whole town was under water i had lost all the work i had put into the library but we are getting over it and the library looks so much better so then came Oct 13th 3:30pm Charlie Shane dilvered this on and said "i am never doing that again. the Haines came for christmas that year .
  10. 2009  - Katie and her boyfriend came in May and did some site seeing and then my Brother James came and spent 3 months helping todo the farm up
So i come to the end of my last 9 years of life WOW thats all i can say who would of thought it i hope the 10 years brings me this much fun this is just a little note of what  i did .

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ugle Coffee cake

My friend make's coffee cake for breakfast to give to her kids. It take 11/2 hours to make so today we had a late start so i gave it a go and it was hit.

On My Wish List.......

these are some of the things i would like for Xams.
p.s. " I am just wishing"

The Soft & Sexy Wrap GOT IT IN RED
It comes in many colours and is on sale for $39.99 right now
p.s. that is me in the pic lol

Bopit!! GOT IT

There is more i would like, but this will do for now.....