Thursday, July 28, 2011

James is 6 Today (well yeasterday).

James is 6 today as you can see he welcomes it with face landing on to the ground. Boys will be boys.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Road Trip Organiza

We are taking a road trip to Cape May, NJ , Philly PA and Worcester MA. We are planning on taking a small car so it will be very packed , like sardines in a tin. We are also driving straight  though to New Jersey, what will take 19 hours  ( I hear  you telling  me, the computer "you crazy English Lady") But I hoping the kids will sleep most of it and Hubby and I will take turns driving.

I have come of with some ideas for the trip and started to make a folder with them (with the help of you great bloggers).

We also will be taking Laptop, DVD player, music and books on CD and the DSi . Also before we go we are looking into a cell phone that has all text, call, web just to be on the safe side. Note to Hubby if you read this I would like 4G one so I can Skype  :).  I dont have a cell phone by the way.

So lets get to  The Great Road Trip Folder
I have is all Dived up and into clear pocket.
sorry about the flash
  • Map
  • Address
  • Insurance 
  • car hire
  • leaflets 
  • things to take
  • 10 day plan
  • Keep kids happy
  • Money 
  • etc 

Over the next week I will show you inside stay posted.
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    Thursday, July 21, 2011

    Emily 1st 1 Mile Fun Run

    1st Camping Trip

    Daddy and Charlie getting dinner ready, Our Place for the night, Dinner's on, chilling by the fire.
     Got the fire going good for some s'mors action, yummy can I have s'mores, Charlie trying to stay awake.
     s'more action, all 3 getting tired, and we all call it a night.
     Emily &Daddy acting out what they did last night when they went on a midnight walk and saw a shouting star. Next day got woke up to a big storm, G & G showed up with doughtnuts , went for a walk. Charlie and grandpa with there walking sticks.
     cooking Lunch , eating lunch, matching t-shirts and chairs, Charlie eating.
    We had lots of fun camping at Hickroy Farms.

    Summer So Far, Picnic with friends