Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Road Trip Organiza

We are taking a road trip to Cape May, NJ , Philly PA and Worcester MA. We are planning on taking a small car so it will be very packed , like sardines in a tin. We are also driving straight  though to New Jersey, what will take 19 hours  ( I hear  you telling  me, the computer "you crazy English Lady") But I hoping the kids will sleep most of it and Hubby and I will take turns driving.

I have come of with some ideas for the trip and started to make a folder with them (with the help of you great bloggers).

We also will be taking Laptop, DVD player, music and books on CD and the DSi . Also before we go we are looking into a cell phone that has all text, call, web just to be on the safe side. Note to Hubby if you read this I would like 4G one so I can Skype  :).  I dont have a cell phone by the way.

So lets get to  The Great Road Trip Folder
I have is all Dived up and into clear pocket.
sorry about the flash
  • Map
  • Address
  • Insurance 
  • car hire
  • leaflets 
  • things to take
  • 10 day plan
  • Keep kids happy
  • Money 
  • etc 

Over the next week I will show you inside stay posted.
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    Amanda said...

    I never thought of organising something like this for a trip, but it makes so much sense! We're not going anywhere any time soon, but this is definitely something to remember!