Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly challenge #1 - The home management binder

Lori is startin a new Challenge today. She will be doining  Weekly challenge the 1st one is - The Home Manaement Binder Lori said, "We all wish we could run a smooth household, but sometimes life catches up to us and things slip away. We then begin accumilating "pile-ups"... The laundry begins to pile-up, the bills start piling up, the dishes, the trash, the schedule, and the list goes on and on. Until finally we begin to crumble and fall & give up on what it was we started in the first place!"

So ture I have been checking these out for a long time, I cant wait to see how ot work outs.
If  you want to join us all here is the link. If you link up from here I would love to see what you did so please leave a comment so I can check you out please and make sure you start following Lori.

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