Thursday, January 6, 2011

Did l tell you how much l love the pressent we got from the MIL & FIL for xams. We got a Keurig hubby and l had been looking for one for a very long time we are not ones for gadget but this was a must for us. Hubby drinks coffee/tea but l just drink tea the 8 year l have been here l never found a good kettle. so we would have to boil water on the stove top (way to long).
hubby makes his coffee and then right after him l can make a cuppa. The  water is always hot, so now instend of a cuppa just on sundays, now l am 4 a day chick. Would like it if they came out with teatly  tea K- cups but thats ok. l drinking bigelow english breakfast and hubby is on donut shop coffee, he dosent stop anywhere now to get his morning coffee now.  

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