Thursday, March 4, 2010

What i did on Monday for the freeze day

 This what i did on Monday then at 5 that night i tock a nap with my boys.
Chicken Tatazinne x3 ( we ate one that night) , Banana Muffins, Mac & Chesse x 2, Spag Bowl x 4 , 4 bags of pancakes, 2 bags of corn muffins , Taco x 2 , Lansang x 2  and 2 lots of apple and parsan chesse brats. ( not in the pix)  2 pans of Mash Potatoes, 2 currys and 1 loaf of bread. 
17 meals for the month of march . l didnt get round to making the pizzas and cinnimons

This is helping already. the cost was around $120 for all this food plus i have stuff i didnt use yet. we have food budget money left for milk and extras for this month.

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