Monday, December 15, 2008

Mummy's Little Helper"

I have 6 days left till my sis and her family come.

  • my oven dose'nt work

  • my dishwasher broke

  • my car would'nt start today

  • the fairy's havent been yet to clean up my house

  • it is -20f out side and the snow has gone

  • my sis would like snow for christmas

  • i have to go food shopping we cant eat any more beans (3 times a day)

  • i dont have any d/coke

  • i have thank you card todo and xams cards to and christmas shopping todo

  • i could go on but my arm is starting to hurt again that's a whole different story

  • library, thats all i can say about that
  • diet coke i need diet coke
  • sleep
  • channle 13 came to the library to ask me Qs do they not know they have to give me years notice for that so i can have work done would post photo but the police will be here soon after it gose on air

what makes this all go away

Mummys little helper

to who read this sorry i had to get it out of my head or i will go (more) mad.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

dumb fairies...they never show up when ya need em ;)

Wish I had some diet coke to share!

shopannies said...

i know how you feel at times but just look at that little one and remember all will get better