Saturday, November 8, 2008


As you will get to know me i love a good find so this is what i got at my Friday SuperMaket Sweep it is called this as i only have 3 hours to do it . ln those 3 hours l have to get there (25 min drive) shop and get back and put it away i do cut it close sometimes.

yoplus x2 -2.23 each coupon 2.00 off got them for 2.43
cookie mix x2 - 1.50 each coupon 1.50 off got them for 1.50
bagel fuls 1.98 coupon for 1.00 off got them for 98
shirp poppers 1.32 coupon for 1.00 off got it for 32
elastics 2.08 coupon for 2.00 off got it for 8
progrive soup 1.50 coupon for 1.10 off got it for 40

total = was 6.43 (should of been 14.34) saved 7.19

1 comment:

Sarah M. said...

I always find the coupons AFTER I get the stuff!
Were you talking kids sizes on boots? I could use the 10s.